A handle for 2020 aluminium profile, like the ender 3. 2 sizes.

Transport handle for Ender 3, or other 2020 profile rail

### Everyone should be able to shower Have you seen the Shower Head MK1, the Vortex Shower Head or even the T-Rex Shower Head and thought that they were an amazing model but you wanted to use a telephone-style shower head? If so, then this model using a standard 1/2'' screw is for you! ### The Shower Heads Water flow is difficult when it comes to 3D printing because if the flow varies for even 1 second during the printing process, then water will slip through the gap. In addition, water flow itself poses a challenge since you need to make sure that the water doesn't come out at a speed and pressure that is undesirable. This is without counting the fact that different folks like different pressure for their shower. Because of this, there are 4 different versions of the shower head: - The Standard version, with water pressure that's enough to be felt on your skin but should be comfortable for most. - The Dripping version, which has less pressure and is more akin to dripping water. - The Jet version, which shoots the water with the full pressure coming out of the tap, useful if you want to use this head for cleaning - The Reduced version, which has a lower amount of holes and therefore more pressure per holes Visually however, all of these models are practically identical, they are simply adjusted for a different level of pressure. ###Technical Stuff The pressure is regulated through what would otherwise be a washer for the pipe. This is because water pressure increases at the exit of the hole however it quickly reduces as it needs to fill the same space but with less water, which in turn means less pressure. If you wish to change the pressure of the shower head you are creating, *use any of the 2.9 models*, the 2.7 model does not have pressure regulation and therefore can't be adjusted as is. There are also 2 other files included, the Shower Head Core and the Shower Head Screw. The first one is there so that you may remix the head and give it a different body that better suits your taste. The second one is for other projects, in the shower or otherwise, in which you may need the same type of screw.

Telephone Shower Head MK2